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We Provide Best
Recruiting H-1B’s in the U.S.

Our Global Talent Search Team finds talented individuals all over the world and matches them with companies and organizations in the United States.

Our professionals will assist with all immigration, training and licensing issues.

  • Recruiting U.S. Based Executives and Professionals
  • We Partner with Your Company’s HR

We resolve your global mobility needs.
We help specialists find jobs and get employment-based visas and permanent residency in the U.S.
We help employers find international workers in the U.S and abroad.

Our Approach

Recruiting H-1B’s in the U.S.

Our recruiter team includes H-1B attorneys who use proprietary H-1B worker network and database to recruit foreign professionals who are already in the United States. Orbiter Recruitment™ H-1B attorneys and team will help you hire H-1B employees and transfer their H-1B visa to your company.

We Partner with Your Company’s HR.

Our team will work closely with your company’s HR professionals. Also, the H-1B employees and their families typically have a myriad of questions regarding the H-1B process. Our H-1B lawyers and staff will make your HR job easier by interacting directly with your H-1B employee and providing comprehensive answers. We provide H-1B related training for HR professionals and help conduct internal I-9 audits.

Contract Workers

Orbiter Recruitment also hires H-1B workers and contracts them to companies for fast results.

International Partners

Orbiter Recruitment™ has a recruiting network in a number of countries and regions including Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Azerbaijan); India; China; South Africa; and, Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Russia, Romania and Moldova).  Our staff in the U.S. speak many of these languages.

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