Global Hiring Solutions

At Orbiter, We Anticipate Your Staffing Needs and Provide Quality Workers Quickly and Effectively 

U.S. Based H-1B Workers

Recruit H-1B holders already in the U.S. by transferring H-1B visa to your company

Contract Workers

Contract H-1B holders’ skills without H-1B paperwork

H-1B Legal Services

Orbiter’s in-house legal team handles H-1B cases for your company

Traditional H-1B Recruiting

Find foreign workers using our global recruiting services

Transferring U.S. Based H-1B Employee Visas

Identify client need

Client provides position and skillset description

Consult proprietary H-1B network and database

Orbiter’s network can typically identify good matches within 72 hours

Orbiter analyzes and screens candidates

H-1B candidates are screened for match with client needs

Recruit employee and transfer H-1B visa to client

Orbiter handles the H-1B transfer to client and is a resource for client’s HR and employee

H-1B Legal Services


Orbiter’s legal team has extensive H-1B and general employment immigration experience


Orbiter Recruiting provides one-stop-shop solutions for global recruiting and your immigration law needs


Orbiter partners with your HR team to navigate the H-1B paperwork and helps your new hires understand the process

Traditional H-1B Recruiting and Services

For businesses seeking H-1B employees abroad, Orbiter has extensive recruiting experience all over the world. Orbiter finds candidates with specific skillsets that match your needs and makes the H-1B visa process seamless to get employees working quickly.

Orbiter’s recruiting networks spans the following countries and regions:

  • Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Azerbaijan)

  • India

  • China

  • South Africa

  • Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Russia, Romania and Moldova)

Let Orbiter Recruiting™:

Identify your needs

Use global partners to find you talent

Analyze and screens candidates

Recruit H-1B employees for you