Assistant Geologist 
General Responsibilities: 
Evaluate and interpret subsurface field and sampling data including soil and groundwater to develop conclusions concerning the environmental and geologic site conditions. Generate subsurface maps and cross-sections and collaborate with engineering and environmental scientist staff on projects. Oversee field monitoring and testing of soils including boring investigations and soil type classification. Interpret soil, bedrock and groundwater elevation and quality data. Prepare written plans and reports related to site investigations, assessments and remediation activities. Projects may include construction projects focusing on earthwork and structural foundations and seismic risk assessments.Essential Roles and Responsibilities: 
  • Follow safety rules, guidelines and standards for all projects. Participate in pre-task planning. Report any safety issues or concerns to management.
  • Be responsible for maintaining quality standards on all projects.
  • Entry level geological professional responsible for gathering data and information to be evaluated by other team members.
  • Performs sampling and testing of water, soil, and other materials.
  • Tabulate and prepare data for written reports.
  • Assist with report preparation by summarizing data and information within reports.
  • Operates field monitoring equipment.
  • Assists with operation and maintenance of remediation and instrumentation systems.
  • Transport material, samples or documents to the laboratory for further testing and analysis.
  • Maintains and calibrates field monitoring equipment.
  • Works periodically with geophysicists to complete geophysical surveys and develop recommendations for design. Techniques will likely include GPR, TDEMI, FDEMI, seismic, resistivity, magnetics, and others.
  • Periodically performs site visits, field observations and field data collection or assignments associated with geophysics.
  • Completes paperwork including record keeping, field sketches, detailed notes, and maps of field work legibly and accurately.
  • Performs periodic basic maintenance on vehicles and geophysical equipment.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience or be willing to learn how to collect and process geophysical data using several methods.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Geology, Hydrogeology or related field.
  • Valid driver’s license with acceptable violation history.
Preferred Certification: 
  • Certification in field of expertise.

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