• Full Time
  • Texas
Biologist-Immunology Research 
Key Responsibilities: 
  • Develop immune functional cell-based assays using extensive immunology technologies (e.g. primary human and mouse lymphocytes, myeloid cell activation and differentiation, cytokine assays, multiple color flow cytometry)
  • Screen and analyze data for protein or small molecule drugs in multiple cell-based assays
  • Phenotyping and characterizing cellular phenotypes and functionality with flow cytometry
  • Investigate cellular signal transduction, develop cellular activity assays, cytokine/receptor signaling (western, qPCR, intracellular staining, confocal/image related techniques)
  • Isolation, purification and culture of freshly isolated populations of blood cells of both human and mouse for in vitro assays. Preparing cellular materials for genomic and proteomic assessment
  • Independently design and complete experiments, analyze, interpret and present experimental data
  • Adherence to good research practices, and laboratory e-notebook maintenance.
Basic Requirements: 
B.S or M.S. in biology, molecular and cellular immunology or a related biological area with 2 or more years of work experience in an academic institute or pharmaceutical industry 
Additional Skills/Preferences: 
  • Extensive research experience of immunology and molecular biology as well as proteomic and genomic technologies
  • High skills in CRISPR technology, scRNAseq and large data set analysis
  • Understand and have experience with various in vivo animal autoimmune or inflammatory disease models

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