Chemist IBEW 949 
Full Job Description 
This position is responsible for the coordination and planning of chemistry projects in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Environmental programs. The chemist will provide technical oversight to chemistry programs as assigned. This position will provide technical guidance to the chemical technicians and provide support for process quality improvement initiatives. The ideal candidate will perform most assignments independently on issues related to the Chemistry Department. 
  • Experience in PWR chemistry and operations is desired. Laboratory experience is required preferably in a nuclear power plant setting.
  • Experience with ODCM, REMP, radioactive effluents and Chemistry Lab QA/QC is highly desired.
  • A bachelor of science in chemistry or related field is required.
  • 10 years or more experience in PWR chemistry may be acceptable as equivalent degree.
  • Must live within 60 minutes to ensure proper implementation of Emergency Response plan.

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