Co-op, Chemical Biology (Jan – June 2022) 
This position would be focused on the validation and execution of cellular and molecular biology assays, including cell proliferation, cell signaling, immunoprecipitation, and Western blots, as well as some synthetic chemistry.   
Key Responsibilities 
  • Possesses cell-based and biochemical assay development experience with a variety of readout technologies such as HTRF, ELISA, and/or immunofluorescence
  • Collaborates alongside a cross-functional team that includes chemical biologists, chemists, biochemists, and proteomics experts to develop new technologies, discover new targets, and provide solutions for project teams.  Experience working in this environment is a plus.
  • Excellent communication, record keeping, presentation, collaboration and organizational skills are required
Qualifications & Experience 
  • Trained in molecular and cell biology
  • Experience independently generating precise, reliable data and analysis
  • Hands-on experience in cell culture and characterization of cells from human and animal tissues desired
  • Two years of cell biology and/or molecular biology course work at the college level, a strong academic record (≥ 3.0 GPA), and at least three semesters of laboratory course work and/or research
  • Self-motivated to learn and contribute, demonstrated examples of independent productivity and team-based interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiasm for science, laboratory work and drug discovery
  • Prior laboratory experience in the academic setting and/or biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry

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