Data Scientist
Job summary
Role SynopsisThe Data Scientist will be responsible for running analytical experiments in a methodical manner and will regularly evaluate alternate models via theoretical approaches. The role will participate in the team’s engagement with business stakeholders and partners with to enhance the existing analytics solutions and developing new solutions to business problems. The role requires a thought leader that will be instrumental in providing inputs to the Data Science, Enterprise Reporting, and Process Engineering Team for the design and building of predictive models and algorithms, exploratory data analysis, test design, statistical tests and measures, and business value measurement
Key Accountabilities
• Design and implement data analysis, data mining, research, analysis, and modeling strategies and best practices tointernal clients.
• Ownership of the development and delivery of data science solutions from concept to production.
• Manages research targeted to solve business needs and technical challenges.
• Serve as the subject matter expert to articulate the areas of statistics and data science.
• Initiates data science based solutioning with a focus on revenue growth and achievement of the business’ overalltargets and objectives.
• Responsible for the preparation of documentation, presentations, and scientific based papers to communicate ideasto business leaders and executives.
• In conjunction with Data Engineers, building and managing new data tables that support data collection, cross-functional data integration, data visualization, dashboards, predictive analytics, and data mining.
• Leverages data science tools and techniques in analyzing large datasets that will enable development of custommodels and algorithms to uncover insights, trends, and patterns in the data, which will be useful in availing informedcourses of action.
• Responsible for the evaluation of analytics and machine learning technologies for use in the business andcommunicates findings to key stakeholders through reports and presentations.
• Partners with other non-technical departments within the business to assist them in understanding how data science can benefit them and improve their effectiveness and performance.
• Takes initiative and stays up to date with the latest data science trends, techniques, and best practices, determininghow to incorporate the most suitable practices in the department.
• Work as part of geographically dispersed team, effectively communicating prioritized business needs and prioritizedproject statuses.
Essential Education
A master’s degree (PhD preferred) in Statistics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, or any other related quantitative field.
Essential Experience and Job Requirements
– 7+ years of hands on experience in machine learning (supervised, unsupervised, and ensemble methods), natural language processing; deep learning experience is a bonus.
– Proven track record of developing, scaling, and implementing models in customer facing environments.
– Strong programming skills: Python preferred with the ability to create visualizations and apply persuasive story telling.
– Experience with big data, real-time streaming data technologies, and cluster computing environments.
– Knowledge and exposure to cloud technologies, Azure and/or AWS.
Desirable Criteria
• Ability to lead others to draw conclusions from data and recommend actions.
• Ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment, deliver high quality performance on multiple, simultaneous strategic priorities.
• Relentless drive, determination, and self-learning ability.

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