Lead Botanist – Bureau of Land Management  
Duties and Responsibilities: 
In this role you will be responsible for the following: 
  • Coordinate with staff to identify ecoregional priority species for seed collection, review historic collection sites, and identify gaps in geospatial data.
  • Coordinate with staff to plan field operations and solve logistical problems, as well as incorporating safety plans for conducting field work safely.
  • Identify at least 30 potential collection locations of priority species through scouting, analysis of herbarium records, previous SOS collections, and vegetation mapping. In the case of insufficient precipitation for collections, the crew will be responsible for identifying at least 75 potential collection locations.
  • Collect three herbarium vouchers for each potential collection site. Take appropriate photos as instructed for seed certification.
  • Monitor phenology of target plant populations to plan and execute collections.
  • Ensure collection of all required population scouting data, seed collection data, and photos are properly recorded and shared with the Garden.
  • Update and maintain all required population and geospatial data on California SOS Reporting Tool through ArcGIS Online Field Maps and Survey123. Sync data at least twice per month.
  • As part of the team, make 20 collections using the company (training provided); consisting of 80,000 PLS for operational collections, and 20,000 PLS for conservation collections.
  • Manage seed collection crew, carry out seed collections, and package and ship seeds to partners, keeping detailed records of all collections and shipments.
  • Ensure quality, accuracy, and timeliness of seed collections and data provided by the collection crew.
  • Participate in weekly calls with the Garden company and monthly national SOS calls.
  • Maintain running Field Report spreadsheet with road and trail mileage, as well as number of potential collection sites assessed and number of collection sites monitored for seed ripening.
  • Communicate to all parties clearly, effectively, and in a timely manner.
  • Accurately report time and effort activities, adhere to all Chicago Botanic Garden policies and procedures for employees, and communicate with the company.
  • Complete end-of-season duties in a timely manner, including data entry into SOS Data Portal, and final report.
Key Garden competencies/behaviors desired: 
  • Communicates in a manner that gains the trust and support of others at all levels.
  • Works effectively with others despite differences of opinion and style; builds alliances.
  • Has a tolerance for opposing points of view.
  • Strives for collaboration. Works cooperatively, as a positive contributor to the team.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude and shows kindness in all workplace interactions.
  • Makes decisions appropriate for level of responsibility.
  • Can effectively adapt to change; can shift gears comfortably; is flexible, and embraces change with a “can-do” attitude.
  • Is self-aware; knows personal strengths and weaknesses; seeks feedback and is open to negative feedback as an opportunity for improvement.
  • Is cool under pressure; can be counted on to hold things together during tough times; can handle stress; is not knocked off balance by the unexpected; is a settling influence during a crisis.
  • Recognizes problems, constructively identifies and articulates solutions.
  • Follows safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment and consistently demonstrates safe work behaviors.
  • Is welcoming of new hires.
Our ideal candidate will have the following: 
  • Bachelor of science in botany, plant science, ecology, biology, or a related field
  • Strong plant identification skills (to species) and knowledge of plant taxonomy; strong knowledge of plant biology. Familiarity with plants and ecosystems of the western United States
  • Experience scouting, planning, and conducting seed collections (through SOS programs or other seed handling/collecting work)
  • Experience leading a field team or other supervisory experience
  • Experience working with agency, academic, private, or nonprofit partners to coordinate, plan, and execute fieldwork on public or private lands
  • Experience maintaining accurate and detailed data records (in field and in electronic databases – Excel/Access)
  • Capable of conducting field work safely in rough terrain in harsh environmental conditions
  • Experience hiking and backcountry camping, and willingness to do so for this position
  • Experience driving large field vehicles with four-wheel-drive; driving on gravel and dirt roads
  • Wilderness First Aid or other field safety training
  • Excellent organization skills and ability to handle several projects and deadlines at once
  • Self-starter, independent worker, able to learn quickly and adapt to challenges

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