Physician Anesthesiology
Treatment of patients at Company and such hospitals, office locations and health care facilities as may be determined by the President of Company or his/her designee. Maintaining a clinical schedule on such days, such hours, and at such locations as necessary to provide timely and comprehensive medical services to Company patients. Teaching of medical residents, fellows, medical students, nurses and other health care providers as may be required by NMG. Providing on-call coverage as reasonably required by Company. Referring patients requiring specialized medical care to those specialists and other health care providers and facilities that are members of Company’s affiliated provider network, provided that such referral does not unreasonably interfere with the patients expressed preference for a different healthcare provider, his/her insurers determination of healthcare provider or the patients best medical interests in Physicians medical judgment. Regular participation in practice unit meetings and quality assurance activities. Compliance with billing, documentation and related policies, procedures, systems and practices established by Company as payors with which Company contracts. Performance of such other duties as are consistent with Physicians employment and as may be assigned to Physician by the President or his/her designee from time to time.

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