Principal Software Engineering Manager
Are you an established Engineering Lead looking for a challenge and ready to tackle strategic cross-divisional investments across WebXT, Office and Windows to create homepage and new tab page experiences for over 500M users and drive daily habit with users?On the start experiences team, our goal is to help users build a daily habit as they start their online journey with contextual, personally relevant, engaging and highly performant homepage and new tab experiences. Our start Experiences in FY21 will focus on driving growth and engagement on Windows and Edge with homepage and new tab pages on desktop, mobile and Xbox, additional browser plug ins, super app homepage and our direct nav homepage experiences:
  • Define and communicate a vision for an extensive engineering effort directly managing engineers and directly coordinating with many cross teams
  • Work with partner teams such as Edge, Content Services, Office and others to deliver coordinated value and services
  • Establish rigorous engineering processes to ensure service quality, predictable delivery of new capabilities, and continuously improving metrics
  • Create scalable solutions that can be applied as a framework for solving multiple scenarios across different partners and customer topologies
  • Develop a long-term technical roadmap to ensure development on the service is coordinated, maintainable, and flexible
  • Develop talent and grow your team into a high performing healthy development organization
  • Establish a positive, mutually supporting, inclusive team culture consistent with Microsoft cultural attributes, values, leadership principles and manager expectations
Qualifications:Required Qualifications
  • 8+ years as a software developer, including 5+ years working on cloud services
  • 5+ years leading engineering teams shipping and deploying product to customers in real world environments
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a solid understanding of the entire software development lifecycle.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment workflows and tools.
  • Experience working on large-scale projects across divisions and landing complex but scalable architecture to meet agile business needs
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience with any of the following engineering areas: scalability, compliance, performance, security, privacy, reliability, accessibility, localization/globalization.
  • Deep technical understanding – proven ability to develop successful long-term code/service architectures
  • Experience being the most senior technical leader on a project, making decisions without higher level validation
  • Excellent understanding of testing methodologies and practices
  • Experience in Azure DevOps and working across teams with different working processes
  • Strong customer obsession to solve real user problems in enterprise search with ability to pick best technical solution on behalf of Microsoft balancing local team considerations
  • A systematic problem solver who quickly ramps up, understand complex problems, and create solutions that cross many services

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