• Full Time
  • Maine
Research Technologist/ Senior Research Technologist
Working under supervision, the incumbent undertakes colony management responsibilities for a variety of projects in the Rosenthal lab. With input and guidance from the PI and oversight as needed, the incumbent manages all colonies making key decisions regarding: breeding management, biosampling, aging and sexing mice, and disposition of sick, injured or phenodeviant mice. The incumbent will be responsible for key experimental aspects including but not limited to: producing experimental cohorts needed, feeding special grain to different cohorts, weighing mice, scheduling phenotyping and harvesting of tissues. Meticulous attention to detail and accurate record keeping are required.
The Senior Research Technologist works independently on assigned projects requiring advanced technical skills.  The Senior Research Technologist is defined by the depth and breadth of knowledge pertaining to husbandry of different mouse strains to supply experimental mice when needed, level of independent judgment used, complexity of duties, proficiency in problem solving, wider range of experience and specialized knowledge.
Incumbents are required to work flexible shifts that may include evenings, week- ends and/or holidays depending on the demands of the research and/or laboratory operations. 
o    Clear and frequent reporting of colony status including but not limited to colony productivity, cohort production and experimental progress to Managero    Maintains appropriate breeding scheme(s) as required per strain
o    Plans and executes expansion of number of breeders for larger cohorts of mice neededo    Consistently manages breeder rotation as required per strain and appropriately identifies and selects replacement breeder miceo    Accurately maintains strain information (including genotypes) and experimental data in applicable databaseso    Precise and legible cage card maintenanceo   Performs tail biosampling technique for genotyping of applicable strainso    Promptly interprets genotyping results for colony maintenanceo    Implements the breeding scheme of new strains as determined by the Managero    Analyzes reproductive performance data  Experimental Support, Biomethods  & Special Projectso    Masters biomethod techniques and efficiently performs the following:
  • Retro-orbital bleed and Intraperitoneal injection techniques
  • Animal euthanasia in accordance with established laboratory procedures for humanely euthanizing mice in barrier facilities
  • Animal restraint
  • Ear notch, ear tag
  • Tail tipping biosample collection
  • DNA extraction and genotyping by standard PCR – set up reactions, pour and run gels, record data, and file results.
  • Glucose tolerance testing.
o    Ability to efficiently conduct longitudinal data collection for mouse studies – including body weight, biosampling, etc.o    Prepare tissues for downstream procedures including flow cytometry, histology, RNA or protein extraction.o    Run ELISAs on mouse serum (helpful but not required)
o    Ability to master new experimental techniques and Biomethods as needed.
Regular, reliable and consistent attendance
Ability to meet flexible and changing demands including some hours on weekends and holidays. Ability to work flexible schedule depending on research/operational needs 
•    Research Technologist – Knowledge of mouse genetics as acquired by a degree in the biological sciences or 1 – 2 years work experience in which animal husbandry and colony management were major job responsibilities
•    Senior Research Technologist – Knowledge of mouse genetics as acquired by a degree in the biological sciences with 2+ years work experience in which animal husbandry, colony management were major job responsibilities or 5+ years work experience in which animal husbandry, colony management were major job responsibilities
•    Successful completion of Lab Animal Science or equivalent experience
•    Successful completion of the Laboratory’s Genetics course or equivalent college accredited coursework.
•    Senior Technologist – Identifies problems, troubleshoots and analyzes variations observed and reported in regular testing protocols; modifies, refines or adapts techniques and procedures; modifies and/or adjusts quality control measures
•    Senior Technologist – Demonstrated ability to conduct experiments, interpret data and present finding 
•    Senior Research Technologist – Demonstrated ability to deliver professional training materials
•    Senior Research Technologist – Conducts multiple experiments and is responsible for maintenance of equipment used in those experiments. Is organized, responsible and reports results clearly and efficiently to supervisor
•    Knowledge of barrier room function
•    Regular, reliable and consistent attendance
•    Demonstrated team player with professional, positive attitude and willingness to be flexible
•    Detail orientated, flexible, ability to multi-task and remain focused
•    Successful proven record of written and oral communication skills sufficient to permit clear and effective exchange of information
•    Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to manage details accurately
•    Ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, web browser, and database software to record and report activities 

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