Scientist III Microbiology – Decatur, IL
MAIN FUNCTION:This position is a great opportunity for entry level scientist with knowledge and hands-on experience in operating fermentation equipment and growing microorganisms to help fermentation process development. Successful candidate will help run the day-to-day operations in the fermentation group, participate in experimental design and data analysis.
KEY SKILLS & COMPETENCIES:B.S. degree in microbiology, chemical/biochemical engineering, food science or a related field with 1-2 years industry experience.
  • Understanding fermentation principles and fundamentals of growing microorganisms
  • Hands-on experience in medium preparation, growing microorganisms in flasks and fermenters.
  • Attention to details and an ability to work consistently and accurately.
  • Capable of working effectively in a team environment.
  • Proficient in standard computer programs (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel).
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Capable of time-management to complete tasks efficiently and within stated timelines.
  • Experience working in accordance with good laboratory practices and adhere to safe standards and practices.
  • Prepare fermentation media, buffers and analysis reagents.
  • Perform sterilization and clean lab glassware and equipment.
  • Operate small scale liquid or solid fermentation in flasks, 1-10L stirred tank fermenters and incubators. 
  • Perform sample processing and routine biochemical analyses.
  • Help design and execute fermentation experiments, analyze results, and effectively communicate results to other team members.
  • Keep detailed records of experiments and documentation. Maintain laboratory notebook, instrument performance logs and control charts.
  • This position may need flexible and short time in evenings or weekends for taking samples or adjusting control parameters

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