Sr. Staff Scientist 
The Senior Staff Scientist reports to the CTO. In such position, the Employee shall support the development of lithium cobalt oxide cathode materials from recycled feedstocks. Primary duties  
• Lead development lithium cobalt oxide sintering and doping processes 
• Setting up and identifying proper crystallization and distillation parameters and equipment for metal salts and mixed metal oxides  
• Coordinate with testing team and establish test criteria -Analyzing test results and preparing clear presentations to summarize outcomes and suggest next steps 
• Interface with Tier I consumer electronics costumers to obtain cell performance requirements and develop material to meet those targets 
• Developing, improving, and customizing products, equipment, formulas, processes, and analytical methods.  
• Additional duties, authority, and responsibilities may be determined from time to time by the CTO, as consistent with the Employee’s position. 
The Employee shall use their reasonable best efforts, judgment, and energy to improve and advance the business and interest of the Company in a manner consistent with the duties of his position and with the Company’s ethical, legal, and professional standards. 
Qualifications and experience:  
• BS in Chemistry, Physics or Chemical Engineering, PhD Preferred. Experience: 6+ years industry experience developing NMC or LCO based cathode materials in industry (Academic experience does not meet this requirement)  
• Skills: -Demonstrated expertise with complex materials engineering solutions –  
• Knowledge of current state of the art lithium ion battery material production process • -Sound understanding of electrochemical processes in Lithium Ion Battery. 
• Understanding of standardized cell test methodologies –  
• Advanced knowledge of solid state physics and chemistry 
• Detailed record keeping and statistical analysis 

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